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  • Window Cleaning

    Windows Cleaned Perfectly every time! Executive Window Services understands that you are hiring us to “clean” your windows. Clean to us means “Perfectly” clean. Our technicians pay careful attention to every window on your home, our process ensures the quality of clean windows to our standards. Read More
  • Foggy Window Repair

    Do you ever feel like you clean your windows over and over again, yet they are never clean and ALWAYS appear foggy? At Executive Window Services one of our specialties is repairing foggy windows along with cracked glass, operational use and window seal failure. We offer complete window repair no mater what your problem is. Read More
  • Window Replacement

    Vinyl windows, that are Energy efficient, are the most popular windows installed not to mention the affordability. We offer a wide selection of style and color options that maintain substantial energy savings due to their energy efficiency. EWS offers many vinyl windows manufactures and are extremely durable, aesthetic pleasing look and offer a lifetime warranty. Read More
  • About Executive Window Service

    We take great pride in providing you with quality workmanship. I’ll make sure our team is professional, courteous, punctual and that we provide a perfectly completed job!We’ve been serving Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville and the entire DFW Metro area since 2000. We specialize in window replacement, window cleaning, window repair, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and solar screens. Read More
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An Often Overlooked Issue with Cleaning Windows

overlooked issue with cleaning windowsIf you're a homeowner or if you own a business in the Grapevine, Texas area, you are likely familiar with having dirty windows. This is not only because of the weather and other issues that make your windows dirty, it is because most of us tend to overlook this necessary task and we do not clean our windows regularly. When you use Executive Window Services as your Grapevine window company, you can be certain that you will be taken care of properly. In fact, we not only clean windows professionally, we pay attention to details to ensure that they are not damaged in the process.

One of the common problems that occurs when people wash their own windows is that they end up scratching the glass. One of the ways that this can be done is by using scrapers without wetting the glass first. When scrapers are used on dry glass, it can cause damage to the glass easily. When you have your windows cleaned by Executive Window Services, however, you do not need to be concerned about that issue.

During our 5 step window cleaning process, we use special scrapers that remove any debris, such as paint and stickers from the window. It is also very effective at removing tree sap and other issues that are not easily recognized. Before we use the scrapers, we use a special soap solution which helps to lubricate the window so that we can use the scraper without having to be concerned over scratching the glass. Of course, we are very efficient a cleaning windows in all aspects and we understand how to use the scraper properly, so that it is even less of an issue.

A Look at Our Cleaning Solution

When you use Executive Window Services as your Grapevine window cleaning company, you can be certain that the products that we use are going to be good for you, as the homeowner. When we clean the windows on the inside, we use products which are not going to be harmful to the family. Even on the outside of the home, we use a soap solution that is environmentally friendly. Like you, we are concerned about the environment and we want to ensure that there are no problems that exist as a result of our window cleaning service.

Another part of our window cleaning service is that we will use very fine steel wool on the window. Since this is a nonabrasive product, we are able to use it effectively without scratching the glass. You need to be cautious when cleaning your own windows, as any type of abrasive product can potentially scratch the glass and permanently damage it.

It is not necessary for you to go through the difficult task of washing the windows on your own. Why not pick up the phone and contact Executive Window Services today? We can do what is necessary to ensure that you are happy with the windows in your home or at your place of business.


"I've retired from washing my own windows. I found Executive Window Services online and was pleased with their bid so we hired them. They were very professional and made our windows look better than anyone else that cleaned them."

 C. Starrett
Southlake, TX

"Recently we overlooked our utility bills and realizes the biggest problem on our home was the poor outdated windows. I contacted Executive Window Services for Low-E replacement windows and the price was good..Thanks Shane" 

B. Parker
Grapevine, TX

"Executive repaired 3 foggy windows in my house. They did a great job. My windows look brand new and crystal clear. They did a quality job."

L. Blake
Dallas, TX

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