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  • Window Cleaning

    Windows Cleaned Perfectly every time! Executive Window Services understands that you are hiring us to “clean” your windows. Clean to us means “Perfectly” clean. Our technicians pay careful attention to every window on your home, our process ensures the quality of clean windows to our standards. Read More
  • Foggy Window Repair

    Do you ever feel like you clean your windows over and over again, yet they are never clean and ALWAYS appear foggy? At Executive Window Services one of our specialties is repairing foggy windows along with cracked glass, operational use and window seal failure. We offer complete window repair no mater what your problem is. Read More
  • Window Replacement

    Vinyl windows, that are Energy efficient, are the most popular windows installed not to mention the affordability. We offer a wide selection of style and color options that maintain substantial energy savings due to their energy efficiency. EWS offers many vinyl windows manufactures and are extremely durable, aesthetic pleasing look and offer a lifetime warranty. Read More
  • About Executive Window Service

    We take great pride in providing you with quality workmanship. I’ll make sure our team is professional, courteous, punctual and that we provide a perfectly completed job!We’ve been serving Southlake, Grapevine, Colleyville and the entire DFW Metro area since 2000. We specialize in window replacement, window cleaning, window repair, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and solar screens. Read More
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Cheap Windows Cost

One of the more common questions we hear at Executive Window Services is in regards to the cost of the windows. Although it certainly is true that there are many cheap windows available, determining the true cost of inexpensive windows is important. Let's take a look at the facts behind inexpensive windows and what you can expect when you have one of these installed in your home. The truth about window upgrades to the home may surprise you.

First of all, it is important to understand that there are going to be lower quality, less expensive windows available. These are often referred to as builder-grade windows. When a home is built, one of the more important things to consider is the cost of the various items included in the home. When the builder spends less on materials to put a home together, he is going to be able to take it to market and earn a much higher price. That is why builder-grade windows are so popular. What is a builder-grade window?

Mid Grade Windows Cost

If you have been considering installing new windows in the home, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. Quite obviously, you would want to choose something that is going to improve the looks of your home and to make it easier for you to keep it at a consistent temperature inside. Another thing that needs to be considered is the reason why you are upgrading the windows in the home. In some cases, it will be to get the home on the market quickly, but in other cases, it is because you want to improve the quality and comfort of your home. A final reason why you should consider the cost of the windows you install in your home carefully is your budget. That is what we will review in this article.

Although you certainly have a wide range of windows available to you, one of the more common types chosen by homeowners are mid-grade windows. In order to determine the cost of mid-grade windows, you need to look at all the variables associated with that. You need to consider the quality of the windows. This is something that you can research on your own, but you can also call the professionals at Executive Window Services to provide you all the with information necessary so that you can make the right choice for you and your family.

The Cost of High End Windows

If you are a homeowner looking for the best option for replacement windows, you want to choose something in the high-end range. There are many different options available to you, each of which is going to provide you with superior appearance as well as various energy-saving options of benefit to you and your family. Let's take a look at the upper end choices for windows and what you can expect to pay.

As far as high-end windows are concerned, there are a number of basic options available to you. Vinyl windows come in a wide variety of price ranges, including those at the upper end. Wooden windows are also going to be included among those considered to be in the high-end of the quality range. Additional options that may be included are windows with wood grain interiors and two-tone windows. You can find these options available through our Executive Window Services. They will not only be able to provide you with superior service, they can walk you through the different options open to you.

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High End Windows

How much do windows really cost?

If you are considering installing new windows in your home or place of business, you likely have many different questions. Some of the questions may involve the quality of the windows or perhaps the length of time it will take to have them installed. One of the more common questions that we get at Executive Window Services is in regards to the price of the windows. This is often a confusing point, not because there is not a straightforward answer available, but because of some of the misinformation that is floating around.

It is likely that you have received some advertising in your mailbox or perhaps you saw a commercial on TV about having windows installed for a very low price. These ads may have a slight ring of truth to them, but it is more likely that they are designed in such a way to deceive their potential customers. For example, you may have seen an advertisement that states that you can have replacement windows installed for around $189. This may come from a variety of seemingly reliable sources, but is it true?

Many people who understand the true cost of installing windows will tell you that this type of advertising is a scam. The fact of the matter is, however, it is not really defined as a scam any longer. At one time, it was known as a simple bait-and-switch type of advertising and one that made many people furious when they realized they were actually paying more for the windows than promised. Today, it has been disguised with the gentler name of "menu pricing". What is menu pricing and is it really different from the old bait-and-switch scams you may have heard about years ago?

Menu pricing is something that allows contractors who install doors and windows to state that they are offering a low price for the windows themselves, when in reality, they are going to charge you quite a bit more. The menu pricing comes into play with various extras that they add to the price of the window. The price they state in their advertising is the absolute basic price that you would pay for a window, provided it was leaning up against the side of your home. However, in addition to charging you for the installation of the window, they also charge you for removal of the old metal frame, any trim, the screws and even the caulk they use to seal the window are all extra. So, you can see how these additions to the price of the window increase the amount you spend per window significantly.

They may also tell you to consider the possibility that you may want to upgrade the window so that it is going to provide you with additional insulation or other features. This may include having low E glass installed in the window or perhaps some additional decorative features. These are all going to cost you quite a bit more than the standard, advertised window price and it will increase the overall amount you spend on the window considerably.

So how much do windows actually cost? Even if you use one of those "low priced" companies to install the windows for you, you are still going to end up spending up to $600 for every window you have installed. They can justify the amount they charge all that they want, that doesn't change the fact that they are telling you that it is going to cost one price and you wind paying a different, higher price. When you contact Executive Window Services to discuss the price of windows for your home, we will never treat you that way. We consider everyone who calls a value customer and we will not leave you guessing about the price you will actually pay.

Something else that needs to be kept in mind when determining how much windows actually cost is the fact that there are very few things that can change the price you pay. Typically, there are going to be three different areas that affect how much you spend on windows. Those areas include the labor, materials and any overhead included in the windows. For example, cheaper materials are going to result in a lower cost. A reduction in the price of labor can also reduce costs as well. In either of those cases, however, you will likely end up with an inferior product not installed to proper specifications.

When you use Executive Window Services to install the windows in your home, we keep the prices low by reducing the overhead we charge the customer. We make sure that any employee who installs a window in your home does so professionally, as we would never want to cut corners in this regard. In addition, we do not skimp on the quality of the windows, because that is going to reduce your satisfaction in the product. In other words, we do what is necessary to keep the prices as affordable as possible for you and we do so without reducing the quality of the products and services we provide.


"I've retired from washing my own windows. I found Executive Window Services online and was pleased with their bid so we hired them. They were very professional and made our windows look better than anyone else that cleaned them."

 C. Starrett
Southlake, TX

"Recently we overlooked our utility bills and realizes the biggest problem on our home was the poor outdated windows. I contacted Executive Window Services for Low-E replacement windows and the price was good..Thanks Shane" 

B. Parker
Grapevine, TX

"Executive repaired 3 foggy windows in my house. They did a great job. My windows look brand new and crystal clear. They did a quality job."

L. Blake
Dallas, TX

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